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We can meet your service needs! No matter the problem, we can help!

Speedy's: The Best Kept Secret in the Industry... Until Now!

At Speedy's, prompt, fast service is what it is all about.

Our service covers the entire spectrum of your operations and includes logics, and mechanical assemblies.

We understand better than anyone that downtime costs you money, so we strive to get your equipment up and back into operation as quickly as possible.

Our dedicated team has everything needed to perform any repairs needed on your equipment. From our factory test fixtures to cutting edge rework tools, we can handle your issues for you.

No matter the problem, be assured we will do our best to give a quality repair, a quick turnaround, and complete satisfaction. We guarantee it!

Need our service? Simply provide us some information (or choose Repair Request from the menu), and let us know how we can assist you!